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Child Photography Sessions – Video Training with Andrea Martin

Child Photography Sessions – Video Training with Andrea Martin is an INCREDIBLE training video packed with information for the aspiring photographer at an affordable price. The video is broken down into three sections as followed:

Before the Session – In this first portion of the video tutorial,  Andrea will teach you numerous tips & tricks for child photography sessions that include a pet. Topics include:

• Tips & Tricks
• Working with Kids
• Camera Settings & Equipment Suggestions
• Wardrobe Selection
• Finding the Perfect Location
• Finding the Perfect Light
• Communicating with Parents (important topics to ensure a smooth session)

During the Session – In the second portion Andrea Martin will teach you lighting, location, and posing tips for child photography sessions. Topics include:

• Lighting & Location
• Locations with Water
• Shooting in the City
• Shooting in the Country
• Photographing Pets with Children
• Posing with Andrea (includes clips from a live session)
• Posing & Camera Tips

Editing – In the concluding part of this video tutorial Andrea will walk you through the secrets of her final edits utilizing one of the session images. She will include her techniques in editing with Photoshop and which action she uses to finish off the image.


How is this video presented?

This video contains a nice mix of Andrea speaking directly to the camera,  voice over footage with images, live in-session video, and screen-capture video for the editing. These videos are fast paced, packed with quick & direct information!



Andrea’s work has been featured on Learn Shoot Inspire numerous times and several other popular photography communities throughout the industry. Her imagery is instantly recognizable due to her unique, whimsy and fun style.

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Video Duration: 27 Minutes


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