Last year, a weird thing happened. I lost all motivation to take pictures of my kids. I’m the only one, that’s happened to, right? No, but seriously. Like so many of us, I have religiously documented my kids’ lives since birth. We can be so afraid we’re going to miss something and have regrets, not be able to remember, that we’re going to blink and they’ll be driving off to a dorm room in another state.

So, I did a 365 project the year our daughter turned 3. Then I did the same for our son the year he turned 3. They have their own printed volumes. I’ve done several other little projects over the years to try and keep myself motivated so that I have this heritage of photographic history to pass on to them. I keep a personal blog with photos from our daily lives and print out every year’s worth of blogs into a hardcover volume. This year will be the eighth volume I’ve published. But I’ve noticed that as the years have gone by, the volumes have gotten slimmer.

They say year seven is a hard one in marriage. The novelty has worn off and a decision to persevere must be made in order to come out the other side better than ever. I’m not sure I experienced that in marriage, but I definitely experienced in in my love affair with photography! So I let myself take a break. I stopped shooting just because I felt like I should, and that meant I took my camera almost nowhere unless I was working.

Here I am starting year 8 and I feel like taking pictures of my kids again… but only a little, haha! So instead of attempting something complicated or that requires daily effort and might burn me out, I’m going to trek the other tried and true path. I’m going to {Day in the Life} it, once a month, no frills, no fuss, no staging, quick edits. Real Life. Because this is where I fell in love with photography. And these are my favorite people. And we can’t continue to create art if we’re not celebrating the simple joys of living.

It’s nothing novel or mind-blowing. But that’s okay. Some of the best things in life are neither novel nor mind-blowing! It’s the beautiful regular. And here some of that. November 11, 2017… a few second’s worth of stay at home, in our jammies, messy, treasured, regular life.

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delalanephotography Amanda is a lab rat neuroscientst turned librarian turned photographer. She is wife and mom and Jesus follower, a lover of being outside, of quiet moments, of road trips and surprises, of deep conversations and silly jokes, of eating, laughing, cuddling, and creating things, especially photographs that preserve happy memories. She finds faces and the stories behind them ever fascinating and feels so blessed to do what she loves for a living.

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