While our website appears brand new… most visitors recognize Learn Shoot Inspire as having been around since 2011. For years we were recognized as one of the top forum based resources for photographers. We offered a friendly place to network, share images, and also offered some of the best online workshops available.

Rebranding with 99Designs - Logo Design

As the photography industry continued to shift in new directions during 2016 we decided it was time to create a fresh new website, vision, and brand for our members and fans. So in early 2017 we began contacting a some of our favorite designers for a new logo to begin rebranding. Sadly, these designers either didn’t feel they had the creative vision they needed for our new logo or were unavailable for an extended period of time. Out of desperation we started Googling alternative ideas. That is when we found 99Designs! A website that utilizes design contests to supposedly match you up with the design of your dreams. Yikes. Usually we would be against this sort of concept… but since they have a 100% money back guarantee we decided to give them a try with our rebranding!

Our Rebranding Experience

We uploaded our design brief and selected the Platinum pricing option. This included all the bells and whistles to ensure our contest would be attractive to quality top level designers. This package also came with a project manager to help fine-tune our brief into simple wording our designers would understand and assist us in anyway needed. Within a day or so the designs began flooding in! We worked closely with each of the designers to fine tune their logos to our new vision. In our brief we noted the importance of versatility and dynamics so-as not to be constrained by a small color palette. We wanted the design to directly represent photography via subtle implied hints and not cartoony clipart. Lastly, we wanted the design to represent a sense of community and inspiration which would clearly represent a fun and trendy atmosphere.

Rebranding with 99Designs - Logo Design Variations

The Results

We were blown away by the amount of high quality UNIQUE logo designs that came in! We had so many great entries and our project manager was even willing to extend our contest. This ensured we had enough time to nail down our perfect potential logos before the next stage of the contest began. By the time the contest ended we felt strongly that we couldn’t be more satisfied!

99Designs: Logos from just $299!

After having such an amazing rebranding experience with 99Designs we decided to use them again for our new website design. This time we utilized their Gold package to try that experience. We ended up choosing a different winning designer for the website design contest and have since been utilizing her via 1-on-1 projects . It’s been such a safe, easy, and fantastic path to finding a great new designer to work 1-on-1 with.

Rebranding with 99Designs - Color Palettes

Well, that’s it for now but we have more articles planned on this topic so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: After our amazing experience with 99Designs we have become an official affiliate. By clicking on our links above we will receive monetary gain if you decide to utilize their offerings.

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