Overcoming a New Business Challenge: Gaining Clients

We are really excited to offer our members an exclusive series that will be an awesome learning experience and really beneficial information for your blooming businesses. These articles are written by one of our very own Pro Members, Megan Wilson! This first post is public as it’s just an overview of what’s to come. The other posts in the series will be exclusively available to our members at our forum in the Premium Posts area. We will be posting the second post in the series which covers Google Adwords over the next few days at the forum. Others in the series will likely come every 2-4 weeks :)


Overcoming a New Business Challenge: Gaining Clients

Overcoming a New Business Challenge: Gaining Clients

Chirp chirp, chirp chirp. Is that the sound of crickets coming from your email? You are so excited that you finalized your logo, have your website up and running, and can’t wait to capture those sweet little faces on your camera! But wait, you need clients! Where are they? How do I get those families to contact me? There are various avenues you can use to get exposure and get in front of those clients you need, to have a successful business.

Google Adwords

One way that allows you to get to the widest audience and actually be able to specifically target those clients is Google Adwords. With Google Adwords you can target specific demographics that you are trying to reach such as gender, location, income, etc. Because Google knows everything about YOU. You can even see your cost of acquiring a lead and can be a low investment for a high return.

Search Engine Optimization

A long-term strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). While it may require more work over time, it gives your business trust and authority when potential clients are seeing your website on the first page of Google.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth (WOM) can be a huge asset to your business. From current clients to fellow photographers, that positive review and recommendation gives you credibility and trust. So many great ways to encourage others to spread the word about you are referral programs for current clients, special offers, and even mini sessions. Even plugging your name in local mom groups or photography groups can gain some interest in your services.

Social Media

Social media is such a huge aspect of everyone’s lives and with a smart phone is everyone’s hand almost all the time, take advantage and use it to get in front of potential clients. With Facebook’s 1.19 billion, yes I said billion, monthly users, there is so much potential to gain new clients. While Facebook can be a challenge with their changing algorithms and now paid ads, it can be beneficial and you should not overlook it. Google+ can go far for you and isn’t just a social networking site. You want to get ranked on Google, right? Google loves Google+! Twitter isn’t a huge topic, but can be great in sharing content and can be easily integrated with the rest of your social media. Pinterest and Instagram are always growing and are great platforms for showing off more visual topics and as photographers that is what we are.

Other Platforms

While the internet is one of the most important avenues to reach and attract potential clients, physically being in front of them can be a great advantage. You can talk right to that client and tell them why family portraits are important and how you can capture their love for each other and showcase those memories in their home. Display your work and information at a local baby expo. If you are a baby photographer, you are surrounded by hundreds of moms and what better place to be! And if you can’t be in front of people yourself, donating artwork or brochures to local OB/GYN offices or pediatricians can be a great way for families to see your work and say “hey I want that!”. Even local maternity or baby stores. While it may be difficult to get into chain retailers, you may have a better response from privately owned boutiques in your town.

With so many options and possibilities out there, you can capture the attention of future clients. And combining all these opportunities can only raise your visibility and increase your reach. Through this upcoming series of articles you will gain information and knowledge on how to overcome one of the most challenging obstacles of starting a business, gaining clients.