Online Photography Workshop

Photographing Families Naturally
with Raye Law

Join us now on this exciting journey with Raye Law as she details industry secrets that took years of experience to compose. Learn how to approach family photography sessions using a posed play technique. Learn about shooting outdoors and post processing techniques. You will also learn how to capture and create simple yet captivating videos without an assistant to document the special authentic moments that occur naturally in a portrait experience.

Raye Law has been been featured in numerous publications including Professional Photographer, Click, & Adoptive Families magazines. Her work appears in a published book & she's been featured online as an expert in photographing newborns & families. Raye's portraits are described as honest, genuine & earthy. She takes a simple and relaxed approach that magically evokes authentic raw emotion.

We are so proud to release this unique opportunity to learn from one of the most original and beloved photographers in the industry. This 3 week long, very fun and interactive online workshop includes 61+ pages of downloadable PDF's, 160+ mins of in-session videos of Raye working with actual clients, 37+ minutes of workflow videos, and 39+ minutes of videos showing how Raye creates those amazing session videos. Q&A and critiques based on the lessons are provided as well.


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If you would like to see some of Raye's video examples that you'll be learning how to create in her bonus videos then please visit here.


Instructor philosophy


Posed play

Creating goals/focus


Setting session greatness

Gently direct


Posing Rules

Things to avoid

Small children/toddlers


Creating moments

Keeping a rhythm



A word on props

Difficult situations




Choosing a location

Lighting overview



Obtaining variety


Personal experiences



Video short films

Why shoot video


DSLR Details

Creative tips

Videos made simple

Shoot without assistant


Post processing

Honest & earthy

Keeping it genuine

Workflow made simple

Bringing out the soul


SOOC Examples

Below is just a FEW reviews from Raye's online workshop here at Learn Shoot Inspire.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Raye! This has been an absolutely wonderful workshop experience, & I am so glad that I had the opportunity to participate. You have been such an open book & so very sweet & helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Tracey



Just wanted to say a huuuuge thank you to you Raye for an AWESOME workshop and amazing experience. ~ Lea



I just really wanted to say thank your for sharing all that you know with us. & Taking time from your busy schedule to teach us fellow photographers how you do things. It truly means a lot to hear from a sincere person, their personal experiences. ~ Cristina



thank you Raye you are best. Loved this workshop xx ~ Alejandra





Thank you so very much for teaching/developing this workshop...


I have taken quite a few over the years just to get a bit of motivation when I'm feeling "photography blah" but YOU have changed the playing field with this one! I cannot even express how much I have enjoyed watching your videos and seeing how fabulously "real" you are - all while living what you're teaching. Thank you for that. It's rare. Very rare. And so dang refreshing.


Wishing you the best of the best in your photography world, mama! You rocked my world these last weeks... thank you again.







Loving the class, thank you Raye. ~ Sarah



Raye, this has been such a wonderful workshop to follow! It's being able to connect with beautiful creative and generous people in the photographic community like you that keep me motivated and inspired to be better not just as a photographer but as a woman, wife and mother in general.


I will miss waking up and checking in on your posts Raye, thank you so much for your generous sharing. I cannot tell you how much this means to me ~ michp



Thankyou Raye for this workshop


I have found everything i have read and watched so far informative in some way... little gems pop up everywhere!


I think your workshop has freed me to a degree, not only in my photography, but it my life too. ~ Michelle



Thank you sooooooo much Raye for sharing this all with us. I was very lucky to attend your workshop in Australia 3 years ago and I loved you then just as much as I do now. You a truly an inspiration for me and always will be. Giving you a big hugggg! ~ Melk



I have got the chance to read through some of the videos and PDF last night finally . Thanks a lot. They were all super helpful. Thanks for the great tips! ~ mariaz





This has been an incredible workshop! You are amazing!!! Thank you SOOOO much for being an open book and sharing all of your knowledge with us and helping us become better photographers, videographers, mothers and wives. I have so much to work on!!!


Your workshop has been invaluable and has taught me so much about how to do things the right way. I feel like I know you now! Between watching you work through the videos, hearing your voice, and reading all of your responses, I really feel like I know you. I know that is crazy! I REALLY hope that I will get the honor of meeting you in person one day!! That is on my bucket list!! I honestly don't know what I will do when this class is officially over and I am not checking my email or the LSI site every 5 minutes to see if you posted anything! I will miss you and the others that have participated. ~ Alicia



This is the best workshop online I have ever taken!!! If you aren't sure you should do it, DO IT. She gives all if herself. The videos make you feel like you are there. It's amazing and had totally changed my ways of doing things!! Highly recommend it!!! ~ Lynn



This workshop was awesome! Raye did a wonderful job and I would absolutely sign up to do a workshop with her again. I found all of the videos so helpful and I'm sure I will watch them again. ~ Sarah



I was a follower in the Raye Law workshop and I LOVED it! She kicks some serious butt :) ~ Nikki



LOVING this workshop! ~ Mariah



Here are a few reviews from Raye's in-person workshop she did with her good friend Mindy Harris.



So I know I'm not at the same level as you two, but I just had my first session after the workshop and I have to say it was the best session I've ever had. I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing so much of your creating connections!!! ~ Leya



You have a great approach to teaching... i love the not too much fluff teaching...give it to me honestly and that you did. ~ Fiona



Yep loved watching you work.. and was so nice meeting you.. thanks for coming to australia..thanks so much for your input, i was in group 3 and really loved listening to you and watching you work at the session... you are such a lovely ,easy going person and it just flows thru onto your work.. thanks again and i can't wait to put into practice what i have learnt from you. ~ Tanya



Raye you are fantastic at what you do. It was an honour to watch how you work and learn from you. Beautiful images!!! ~ Trish



Ditto what Trish said....I loved watching you work. Thanks for sharing. Inspire Me - and you definitely inspired me! ~ Amanda



Thanks Raye, for being so genuine it was amazing to watch you work. ~ Carol



Raye I just wanted to thank you for your warmth and openness during the 3rd Inspire Me Workshop. I am inspired by you and your work and learnt so much during our day together. Watching you work was such a privilege. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. xoxo ~ Lyn



Raye, Just want to say Thank You for ALL you have taught me....there is no way I could have learnt a 10th of that in a are such a warm, happy easy going person who just simplified it all and made me realize I can do it ! Your easy approach to your work and life really inspired me...knowing you are also a Mum doing this and so successfully just lit a fire in me.....I can't Thank You enough Raye...I'll be sure to pop in and say G'Day when in the USA again next visiting with family....Thank you so much for the experience and time with you... ~ Jodie



Raye..Wow.. you have given me an assurance that I am on the right track, that is a beautiful gift. Your natural warmth to people is a huge part as to why you are a success in this life. I appreciate your insight and natural approach to your business, it resonates so strongly with me. Thank you for your candidness and openess. Hope you enjoy our great country. ~ Leanne



Thankyou Raye from the bottom of my heart. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you and to also get to know you as a wonderful kind person. You have affirmed for me why I am doing this, why I love being a photographer and how I can grow and develop as a photographer!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! Love and gratitude. ~ Rebecca



Raye I feel so grateful that I got to meet you and learn from you. You truly have filled my heart with joy and more importantly you have given me the confidence to take the next step in my photography journey. Thank you for being such a beautiful person and inspiring teacher. I will not forget this experience (Inspire Me) in a hurry. I hope you have a wonderful time for the rest of your stay. ~ Marieke



Thank you for coming over here and sharing yourself with us Raye! You are gorgeous inside and out. I wish I was in QLD longer - I would have loved to chat to you more (I think I was a little star-struck on Thursday, lol!!). Enjoy the rest of your stay here ♥ xoxo ~ Jodie



Raye, apart from being an AMAZING photographer, you are also a beautiful soul. Really enjoyed our chats and wish you were here for longer so I could show you around a bit more of our corner of the world. You did a fantastic job ;-) xox ~ Simone




Hi Raye & Mindy,

I've been meaning to write you a "thank you" email since attending your "speak-n-shoot" in North Carolina last month. Life has been crazy busy for me and I FINALLY had a chance yesterday to sit down, go through the workbook & notes and absorb all that I learned. I was so incredibly inspired after watching you two shoot in NC!!! I can't wait for this Seattle weather to dry out and be able to get outside for family sessions! I learned SO SO SO much and I want to personally thank you!! I am 100% completely HAPPY that I went to your workshop and I wanted you girls to know that!!! Please know that you've inspired me SO much and after watching both your work for the past 2-3 was amazing to meet you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for being an open book & sharing your family session techniques...I am truly grateful!!!! :) ~ Jess



Such fabulous women!!! Thanks for seeing this up, Lina and Julie! I learned a ton, Mindy & Raye. Thank you for an amazing weekend!!!



I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing workshop. I also wanted to share part of an email from an E session that I did the week after I got back.




Thank you so much for being absolutely wonderful to work with! I LOVE our photos, you are amazing. We are still picking between two pictures right now, so I will get back to you with the invite photo very shortly. Again, thank you so much. I couldn't be more thrilled right now. Kimberlee"


And THAT, my dear, it thanks to you and Mindy. You gave me permission to be fun, and to break the "rules". I just got the list of the photos that they have chosen and 3/4 of them are interaction shots where they are laughing and having fun. So MWAH. ~ Fabiana



This workshop is open to attendees from all parts of the world. It takes place in a forum environment so you do not need to be logged on at any specific times of day as there is no live streaming video or chats. For most of our workshops instructors release PDF lessons or video 2-3 times per week for the duration of the workshop. Raye will typically log in once per day or more during the week to reply to any questions or provide critique based on the lessons released.




Is there homework?

Are there videos? Are they live? Can I keep them?

Is everyone allowed to sign up?

I signed up but have not received a confirmation from Learn Shoot Inspire. Now what?

I didn't realize the workshop started or I did not receive email instructions from LSI and have now missed part or all of it. Can I get a refund?

Can I resell or share my workshop materials?


Is there homework?

Yes. Each week Raye will include homework with the lessons. The homework is optional but we strongly encourage you to set aside time to participate in it.


Are there videos? Are they "live"? Can I keep them?

Yes, there is several videos. They are not live. Yes, you can download them to keep.


Is everyone allowed to sign up?

Some located within a short distance to Raye will not be permitted to join the workshop. Please inquire first if you live within 100 miles of Raye.


I signed up but have not received a confirmation from Learn Shoot Inspire. Now what?

Your PayPal confirmation is all you need. For some workshops we may email you instructions in advance but for most we email the login instructions a night or two before the workshop begins. Feel free to email us if you have any questions at any time.


I didn't realize the workshop started or I did not receive email instructions from LSI and have now missed part or all of it. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately not. When you sign up for the workshop it is ultimately your responsibility to remember when it starts. In the rare case that you miss our instructional emails due to a possible typo in an email address or similar then you should email LSI to let us know you think something may be wrong. We do not allow refunds for any reason.


Can I resell or share my workshop materials?

No, the workshop materials are strictly intended for your eyes only. We protect our workshop pdf's and videos and they are licensed to the attendee at signup and not transferable. We do embed IP tracking codes for added security to our workshop materials.

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