Online Photography Workshop

The Newborn Session:
Studio Lighting & Beyond with Sarah Ulrich

If you’d like to learn how to best approach newborn sessions, master your studio lighting, or cut down on editing time then this is the perfect workshop for you! Sarah is recognized as a master in the industry for achieving almost perfect results straight out of the camera (SOOC) with proper lighting technique to create depth and dimension. In this workshop she teaches her settings, lighting theory, and technique! She will also walk you through light positioning and considerations for each of her favorite poses, natural post processing techniques, and proofing workflow.

Sarah Ulrich is well known in the photography industry for her unique lighting knowledge and ability to capture almost perfect images straight out of the camera (SOOC) with very little editing required. Many also recognize her imagery by the wondrous colors and rich textures. Sarah is the owner of Uniquely You Photography in Lincoln Nebraska and holds a Fine Art degree in both photography and graphic design.

We are so excited to present this highly acclaimed online workshop that has received so many positive reviews from around the globe! The materials have been redesigned, refined, and more material has been added. This workshop is 3 weeks duration. The materials include over 50 pages of downloadable PDF's, 2 hours of downloadable screen-captured videos, open book q&a, critiques, contact sheets of 3 or more of Sarah's sessions, and more!


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Before the Session

Booking the clients

Responding to inquiries


Prepping the clients

What to expect

Tips for a sleepy baby

Taking Control


Session Workflow


Fabric, wraps, &

prop workflow

Setup & Settings

Studio essentials

Camera settings

Good vs bad lighting

Complete equipment setup

Understanding equipment

Natural light info


During the Session

Lighting direction per pose

Posing variation with

Lighting instruction

Lighting vs fur & props

Lighting parents & siblings

Pull backs examples

SOOC examples

After the Session

Post Processing

RAW editing basics

Skin corrections

Correcting exposure

Color balance

Setting up actions


3 Sets of Session Proofs



If you didn't attend last time Sarah's workshop was on, I highly recommend you sign up! I thoroughly enjoyed all the information I received! ~ Hannah Cary


Highly recommend this workshop! I've learn valuable info the first time around :) ~ Sweet Dreams


I loved this class and would highly recommend it! ~ Jenne Dunham


Hey all. I just wanted to say that I took Sarah's workshop last time. I loved it. Well worth the investment!! ~ Sherri Peroni


I took this workshop the first time it was offered. You are going to love it! Sarah is a fantastic instructor! Have fun! ~ Jerri H


TOTALLY worth every penny- sarah is AMAZING!! ~ Jackie C


I can highly recommend the workshops and have taken both Stephanie Robins Safety class and Sarah Ulrich's start to finish Class and can't recommend them highly enough. ~ Donna


We have MANY, MANY more reviews to be added since the creation of this page...

This workshop is open to attendees from all parts of the world. It takes place in a forum environment so you do not need to be logged on at any specific times of day as there is no live streaming video or chats. For most of our workshops instructors release PDF lessons or video 1-3 times per week for the duration of the workshop. Sarah will typically log in once per day or more to reply to any questions or provide critique based on the lessons released. Please note that this workshop has a one week break for the United States Thanksgiving Holiday and so attendees can practice during that time.




Is there homework?

Are there videos? Are they live? Can I keep them?

Is everyone allowed to sign up?

I signed up but have not received a confirmation from Learn Shoot Inspire. Now what?

I didn't realize the workshop started or I did not receive email instructions from LSI and have now missed part or all of it. Can I get a refund?

Can I resell or share my workshop materials?



Is there homework?

Yes. Each week Sarah will include homework with the lessons. The homework is optional but if you sign up as a participant for this workshop we strongly encourage you to set aside time to complete the homework.


Are there videos? Are they "live"? Can I keep them?

Yes, there is several videos. They are not live. Yes, you can download them to keep.


Is everyone allowed to sign up?

If you are located within 60 miles of 68516 then please inquire via email before signing up.

Those teaching workshops currently or plan too teach workshops in the immediate future are not permitted to sign up.


I signed up but have not received a confirmation from Learn Shoot Inspire. Now what?

Your PayPal confirmation is all you need. For some workshops we may email you instructions in advance but for most we email you login instructions a night or two before the workshop begins. Feel free to email us if you have any questions at any time.


I didn't realize the workshop started or I did not receive email instructions from LSI and have now missed part or all of it. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately not. When you sign up for the workshop it is ultimately your responsibility to remember when it starts. In the rare case that you miss our instructional emails due to a possible typo in an email address or something then you should email LSI to let us know you think something may be wrong. We do not allow refunds for any reason.


Can I resell or share my workshop materials?

No, the workshop materials are strictly intended for your eyes only. We protect our workshop pdf's and videos and they are licensed to the attendee at signup and not transferable. We do embed IP tracking codes for added security to our workshop materials.


To register for the workshop please visit our signup form. Forum memberships are not included on the non-member price. ANY of our paid forum subscribers receive a significant discount on all of our online workshops (prices noted above). We do not provide partial refunds if you signup for a forum subscription AFTER signing up for the workshop so keep that in mind.


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