Online Photography Workshop

Newborn Photography Posing
with Alecia Silva

For nearly a decade, Alecia Silva has been perfecting the craft of fine art newborn portraiture. Now, photographers worldwide will have a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most stylistically recognizable and refined newborn photographers our industry has to offer.

In this workshop you will learn all about the most popular newborn poses and how to properly achieve them with refinement. Alecia will cover composite shots and how to assemble them in Photoshop. She will also include a tour of the studio, how to setup the shots, camera settings, general lighting principles, and basic post processing so that you are able to create breath-taking imagery that will inspire others as well.

Alecia Silva is industry renown for her newborn portraiture due to her fierce perfectionism, exquisite vision, and artistic execution. She has traveled the country mentoring and inspiring other photographers. She has also taught workshops in her own studio. With a combination of natural talent and professional training she consistently delivers stunning fine art portraiture.

We are so excited to present this highly anticipated online workshop with one of the industries most talented photographers! This workshop is 3 weeks in duration beginning on February 15th and closing on March 7th, 2016. The materials mostly consist of videos (approx. 96 mins), screen-captured videos (approx. 26 mins), open book q&a, and more!


Pre-sales are now in progress. Due to the high number of requests and inquiries we expect it to sell out right away! Memberships instantly unlock the member price and start at only $12 per month.

Opening Prep

Studio interview

How to prepare your client

Tour of Alecia's studio


Pre-Session Prep

Session necessities

Styling a session

Beanbag setup

Prop setup



Basic Camera Settings


Basic Lighting

Natural and studio



Simple beginning posing

Composite posing

Prop posing

Parent posing








Post Production



Composite editing


Q&A and More






"Thanks so much for everything Alecia, you've been fantastic! xx"


"Thank you, Alecia! Great workshop!!!"


"Thanks so much Alecia! This class has been amazing and I have learned so much. You are such a talented Photographer. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all.  I am grateful for this experience."


"I started off Alecia's workshop as a photographer with plenty of experience shooting natural light on-location photography but feeling that I lacked the refined skills and knowledge to truly excel in my newborn photography sessions. Every time I would do a session, there would be something that I knew wasn't quite right with a pose or the lighting, but I could never put my finger on it to master how to fix it. That has all changed with Alecia's fantastic tutorials and constructive critique of my images over the duration of the workshop! My last 2 newborn sessions held after viewing all of the workshop tutorials were a huge success and my final submissions of images to Alecia for critique are proof of just how informative and great this workshop really is, the change is dramatic from where I started! I will be going forward with my Newborn sessions confident that I have learned all the tools to keep perfecting my images in the future and really boost the newborn side of my business. Alecia is kind, friendly and very truthful. Just what you need to make it well worth the investment!"


"WOW, I think I will have to watch these videos over and over again... So much information! This is AWESOME, I love it!


"You have a ton of good information Alecia, thanks so much for all the detail you have been putting in. I will be watching these videos over and over again."


"You rock, Alecia! Thank you!"

This workshop is open to attendees from all parts of the world. It takes place in a forum environment so you do not need to be logged on at any specific times of day as there is no live streaming video or chats. For most of our workshops instructors release video or pdf lessons 1-3 times per week for the duration of the workshop. Alecia will typically log in once per day or more on weekdays to reply to any questions or provide critique based on the lessons released. Alecia is not scheduled to login on Saturday or Sundays.




Is there homework?

Are there videos? Are they live? Can I keep them?

Is everyone allowed to sign up?

I signed up but have not received a confirmation from Learn Shoot Inspire. Now what?

I didn't realize the workshop started or I did not receive email instructions from LSI and have now missed part or all of it. Can I get a refund?

Can I resell or share my workshop materials?



Is there homework?

Yes. Each week Alecia will include homework with some of the lessons. The homework is optional but we strongly encourage you to set aside time to complete the homework to get the most out of your experience.


Are there videos? Are they "live"? Can I keep them?

Yes, there is several videos. They are not live. Yes, you can download them to keep.


Is everyone allowed to sign up?

For the most part yes. Though, if you are local to Alecia then please email just to confirm before signing up.

Those teaching newborn workshops currently or plan too teach newborn workshops in the immediate future are not permitted to sign up.


I signed up but have not received a confirmation from Learn Shoot Inspire. Now what?

Your PayPal confirmation is all you need. For some workshops we may email you instructions in advance but for most we email you login instructions a night or two before the workshop begins. Feel free to email us if you have any questions at any time.


I didn't realize the workshop started or I did not receive email instructions from LSI and have now missed part or all of it. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately not. When you sign up for the workshop it is ultimately your responsibility to remember when it starts. In the rare case that you miss our instructional emails due to a possible typo in an email address or something then you should email LSI to let us know you think something may be wrong. We do not allow refunds for any reason.


Can I resell or share my workshop materials?

No, the workshop materials are strictly intended for your eyes only. We protect our workshop pdf's and videos and they are licensed to the attendee at signup and not transferable. We do embed IP tracking codes for added security to our workshop materials.


To register for the workshop please visit our signup form. Forum memberships are not included on the non-member price. Memberships to instantly unlock the member price start at only $12 per month and can be canceled at any time once the workshop is over. We do not provide partial refunds if you signup for a forum subscription AFTER signing up for the workshop so keep that in mind.


Those with paid forum accounts need to login via the link at the top of our signup form before the discounted member option appears. Or you can login to your membership manager and add the discounted member option there.


Those with expired accounts can renew here in your membership manager. After renewing you can proceed to add the discounted workshop option.


Before signing up please review the "How it Works" tab and/or email us any questions you may have to be sure you have a full understanding of what to expect as we do not allow refunds of any kind.