Online Photography Workshop

Capturing Connections with
Jessica Hamlin

This family photography online workshop will teach you all the tricks and techniques to create such fun filled and colorful imagery. Learn important preparations such as questionnaires, locations, and what clients should wear. Learn how to direct the important poses, candids, and sibling shots. Learn the basic camera settings and gear that you should bring. Most of all, learn to capture those true connections and interactions that breathe life into treasured family portraits.

Jessica Hamlin's portraiture and lifestyle imagery is instantly recognizable from her unique ability to capture those amazing interactions and natural connections between children and their families. As a mother of two boys she has developed fun techniques that can instantly drawl out children's true personalities, smiles, innocent glances, and fun filled giggles to create timeless portraits that parents cherish forever.

This fun and interactive workshop is 3 weeks in duration starting on January 23rd, and includes 79+ pages of downloadable PDF's as well as q&a and critiques. Jessica will also be including an editing video as a bonus which will reveal her color and b&w processing workflow!


Before the Session

Client Form


What to Wear

What's in the Bag


Basic Camera Settings

Instructors Camera Settings

Examples with Settings


Family Posing Techniques

Warming Up Techniques

Numerous Posing Examples

Parent/Child Techniques

Numerous Poses with

camera details


Sibling Shots

Games, Tricks, Candids

Individual Shots


Extra Considerations

Kids Lost Interest

Shot List

Workflow Overview

Tips in Review

Bonus Material

In-Home Family Sessions

In-Home Newborn Sessions

Families with Older Kids


Post Processing Video


Open Book Q & A


Image Critique


Before the Session

PDF (10 pages)

The workshop starts with Jessica giving a little introduction about herself and her journey into the world of photography. Then she gets right into discussion on client forms and the information she gathers prior to a session. How and when to schedule for the best locations and time. What clients should wear. As well as items or props for clients to bring to an outdoor session and why. Jessica also includes what's in her own camera bag.


Basic Camera Settings

PDF (3 pages)

In this lesson Jessica will take some time to go over basic camera settings that she uses while shooting and why. She will show a series of images and her exact camera settings utilized when capturing them. The lesson closes with homework having attendees trying out some of the settings Jessica shared and posting their results at the forum.


Family Posing Techniques

PDF (17 pages)

This is where the fun really begins! This lesson is full of information about posing families and the techniques Jessica uses. It starts off by teaching how to set the mood of a session right from the start and then ventures into the different posing ideas for families including fun poses, candid poses, and more. Tips and tricks are covered in closing.


Parent/Child Techniques

PDF (15 pages)

This lesson covers many techniques for capturing the different tender and fun moments with the individual parent/child shots. Jessica provides numerous examples, camera settings, and awesome techniques to take advantage of. You will really learn to pull that raw emotion from your clients for them them to cherish in their photographs forever!


Sibling Techniques

PDF (14 pages)

Every parent wants those ideal/perfect sibling shots! Here, Jessica will walk you through the techniques she uses to capture the sibling shots together. Strategies to start out and ways to get children involved if at first they don't seem very into it. Games to play, tricks, candids, and also goes into various individual techniques!


Workflow & Review

PDF (9 pages)

In closing Jessica provides some extra tips for what to do when the children are done but you are not. She provides a breakdown of all the shots she tries to capture with each session along with an actual sampling of one of her typical family sessions. Jessica provides an overview of her workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop including any presets used. A few SOOC/After shots are provided with a workshop review in closing.


Bonus Lesson

PDF (11 pages)

Due to popular request by attendees Jessica has now added an awesome bonus lesson which includes information and examples for on-location family sessions, family newborn sessions, family maternity sessions and shooting families with older children. In addition to this bonus lesson she also adds bonus threads at the forum which include many additional posing examples.

Thank you, Jess, for such an informative workshop! I learned so much and feel more confident already.


I'm loving the lessons… your writing is concise, clear and full of good advice!


My first session using your technique! I'm calling it a success!


Wow, I loved reading this! You rock!


I have learned so much from reading this... Thank you so much Jessica…. I have always been afraid of doing family shoots but now I can't wait to try out these techniques!


Jessica, Jessica, Jessica! You are amazing! Thanks for this!!!


Thank you for this great Focus Group! I have enjoyed every lesson and all the fun techniques, so glad I participated!


Thanks for all the great info...I am already seeing changes in my images!


I have been shooting for 6+ years and needed some inspiration! You totally have given that to me, I am so excited and can't wait to utilize all your tips and tricks! I have followed you for some time now and adore your work and how you capture families, so I was thrilled to see you offering an on-line workshop! Thank you so much for the time you put into doing this for us...I have loved this workshop!


I've loved all your tips and have put some into practice over the last week or so. It's nice to get some new techniques -- I sometimes find myself doing the same things and getting in a rut, so I've loved your ideas!


I have enjoyed your class so much. Your lessons have been so helpful -- I'm feeling much more confident already.


Thank you so much for all of the awesome tips, examples, and info!


Your workshop has included so much information and I am looking forward to going out soon and trying some of your techniques.


Loving all the material though! Can't wait to use it on my next family session!


I am soo happy I joined this course! You are the best!!

This workshop is open to attendees from all around the world. It takes place in a forum environment so you do not need to be logged in at any specific times of day as there is no live streaming. For most of our workshops instructors release PDF lessons or video 2-3 times per week for the duration of the workshop. Jessica will typically log in once per day or more during the week to reply to any questions or provide critique based on the lessons released.




Is there homework?

Are there videos?

Is everyone allowed to sign up?

I signed up but have not received a confirmation from Learn Shoot Inspire. Now what?

I didn't realize the workshop started or I did not receive email instructions from LSI and have now missed part or all of it. Can I get a refund?

Can I resell or share my workshop materials?



Is there homework?

Yes. Each week Jessica will include homework with the lessons. The homework is optional but if you sign up as a participant for this workshop we strongly encourage you to set aside time to complete the homework.


Are there videos?

Yes! Jessica will be including a video demonstrating her b&w and color processing workflow.


Is everyone allowed to sign up?

If you are located within 60 miles of the Seattle/Tacoma area then please inquire via email before signing up.

Those teaching workshops currently or plan too teach workshops in the immediate future are not permitted to sign up.


I signed up but have not received a confirmation from Learn Shoot Inspire. Now what?

Your PayPal confirmation is all you need. For some workshops we may email you instructions in advance but for most we email you login instructions a night or two before the workshop begins. Feel free to email us if you have any questions at any time.


I didn't realize the workshop started or I did not receive email instructions from LSI and have now missed part or all of it. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately not. When you sign up for the workshop it is ultimately your responsibility to remember when it starts. In the rare case that you miss our instructional emails due to a possible typo in an email address or something then you should email LSI to let us know you think something may be wrong. We do not allow refunds for any reason.


Can I resell or share my workshop materials?

No, the workshop materials are strictly intended for your eyes only. We protect our workshop pdf's and videos and they are licensed to the attendee at signup and not transferable. We do embed IP tracking codes for added security to our workshop materials.


To register for the workshop please visit our signup form. Forum memberships are not included on the non-member price. ANY of our paid forum subscribers receive a significant discount on all of our online workshops (prices noted above). We do not provide partial refunds if you signup for a forum subscription AFTER signing up for the workshop so keep that in mind.


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Before signing up please review the "How it Works" tab and/or email us any questions you may have to be sure you have a full understanding of what to expect as we do not allow refunds of any kind.