Newborn Safety Week: November 7th, 2011

As specialized photographers we are entrusted on a daily bases with one of the most beautiful and delicate things on the planet. A newborn life…

Parents often give us the privilege of handling their own personal miracle within the first week or so of their life so that we are able to create for them an art piece treasure forever. But as adults we know that with every privilege comes great responsibility. This one though is more serious then any other and that is a newborns well being. It is EXTREMELY important to be well researched and educated on a pose you are going to attempt BEFORE ever attempting it. One false move and it could devastate our industry forever and cause unthinkable pain for a beautiful new family.

Newborn Safety Week - The Declaration


Unfortunately, due to the sudden onset of newborn photographersnewborn safety and education has not remained the priority. Newbie photographers and parents with little knowledge on the subject have put these precious little lives in harms way. So much in fact that it may even be considered ‘child endangerment’ by both the photographer and the parent allowing this to take place. Well, again… with our privilege comes responsibility. When we let our young children watch certain shows on television they have no idea what is handled by stunts or visual effects. It’s our job to create awareness to our children and warn them that there is alot more going on that is apparent to the eye. Otherwise they stand a good chance at getting injured severely trying to replicate that stunt themselves!

Newborn Safety Week | Newborn Photography Composite


Newborn Safety Week – The Original Declaration

Well, at this point in time we believe we share a similar responsibility. We would like you to join us in rallying the newborn industry and mark November 7th, 2011 as the industry’s 1st “newborn safety week“! Help us to create safety awareness to all new and aspiring photographers as well as our entrusting parents out there. Let’s talk about the importance of newborn safety on our blogs and Facebook accounts. Post before/after shots of your composites or maybe pull back images of a pose being safely and properly handled. Help us to spread the word to as many people as possible to prepare for November 7th and really join together at creating widespread awareness.

Newborn Safety Education | Newborn Safety Week


We are not asking for you to ‘teach’ the industry but merely help to make them realize the difference between safety, un-safety, composites, etc. Help them to realize that there is more behind the image then meets the eye! Please remember that we do not wish to “own” this event as that is not it’s purpose. You are welcome to tag us on Facebook so that we can see everybody participating but that is not necissary at all. This can 100% be handled in each of your own personal ways. The only thing that we ask is that you try and title your posts with something indicating that you are participating in a “Newborn Safety Week” starting “November 7th, 2011”. We hope that ALL bloggers and photography community websites will join us for this extremely important topic.

Newborn Safety Week | Frog Pose Composite


Well, that’s it for now. We want to thank LSI’s Newborn Posing and Safety Instructor Stephanie Robin for letting us use her imagery in this post. We will be kicking off that week with her on our blog providing before/after shots and she will personally be touching on educational topics surrounding newborn safe handling. Stephanie has been teaching in the newborn industry for several years and has a background as a registered physiotherapist so we couldn’t think of a better person to represent us for this!

Will you be joining us? Please spread the link to this important announcement or create your own if you like. Just please help share the dates right away so that the event can be as effective as possible! Every single photographer CAN make a difference!