Newborn Safety Week: November 5th, 2012

We are extremely excited to announce Newborn Safety Week, 2012! Learn Shoot Inspire will have a new thought provoking, educational, or inspiring blog post for each of the seven days. These posts will be written by seven very highly regarded newborn photographers in our industry including Stephanie Robin, Brittany Woodall,  Jillian Kirby, Amber Scruggs, and more!

Newborn Safety Week 2012 - Official


If you did not participate in Newborn Safety Week last year then we urge you to read more about it.

Newborn Safety Week – The Official 2011 Declaration

Newborn Safety Week – Day 1

Newborn Safety Week – Composites

Please resize and share the image or link to this important announcement. You are welcome to create your own if you like. We hope that photographers, vendors, resources, communities, and parents will help share the dates right away so that the event can be as big and effective as last year! Every single article or share CAN help make a difference!

Will you be joining us?