Newborn Safety Week 2012: Day 7 – Week in Review

Well, it’s time to wrap up this years industry wide movement/activity known as Newborn Safety Week. It’s been an amazing week here at LSI filled with awesome information from some of the industry’s highest regarded newborn photographers! In closing we wanted to share our article links in review along with some of our members and other communities. We thank all who participated this year and helped create as much awareness as possible regarding safety topics.


From Learn Shoot Inspire’s Blog


Newborn Safety Week 2012: Day 1 with Stephanie Robin
Striving for a Varied Portfolio that Sells


Newborn Safety Week 2012: Day 2 with Brittany Woodall
Outdoor Newborn Safety Measures & Composites


Newborn Safety Week 2012: Day 4 with Jillian Kirby
Building Risk Free Portfolios for Risk Free Sessions


Newborn Safety Week 2012: Day 5 with Amber Scruggs
Newborn Safety Q & A’s from LSI Facebook Fans


From the Forum, Members, and Fans:


Jennifer Mauren



Jen Dunham Photography


Laura Reive Photography



Blog Links:


Other Photographer Communities Caring about Newborn Safety:



Please note that during the week of November 5th, 2012 we are publishing a series of Newborn Safety posts. Alexis Media Co (Learn Shoot Inspire) and each photographer will NOT be held responsible for any accidents that may be caused from following techniques being displayed. The photographers are being kind enough to voluntarily show their own personal techniques which may not be the only method available. Just by reading an article online and following it step-by-step does not make you a professional or even trained in their or other methods. Attempt any of the poses or techniques at your own risk.