LSI Pro | the VISION project | December Edition

Ahhhhhh so excited to finally make this announcement here on the blog! Last month, we the LSI pros, started out on a year long creative image journey with one another. December was considered a “soft launch” of sorts…to get in the groove and get all the kinks ironed out. However, it turned out to be an AMAZING month of images from our insanely talented pros here at Learn Shoot Inspire. January is our first official month of the “the VISION project” and we can’t wait for our readers to follow along with us!

We consider this project a journey, one we will continue to take all year long. We can watch our personal progress, our creativity and our imagery grow along with each day of the year in 2016. Our pros are allowed unlimited image submissions without any creative boundaries limiting them. They can’t see other pro’s submissions til the current month ends, so everyone is inspired only by the world around them. We are hoping to see emotion evoking quality work and to inspire those around us with this collection of outstanding imagery. These images are a direct reflection of each LSI Pro photographer’s creative VISION.

Please join us along for the ride by taking a look at each month’s collection of images submitted by our LSI Pros, beginning now with our soft launch month of December 2015.

Interested in becoming an LSI Pro Member? Now is a great time to apply to join the group!