LSI Pro Q&A | featuring Megan Wilson Photography

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I have another awesome LSI Pro to introduce to you all!  Please meet Megan Wilson Photography!  Now is your chance to get to know her a bit better, ask any questions you might have regarding her work or anything else that might interest you!  Please remember that our pros  are not required to answer ALL questions, as some may be too personal, uncomfortable to answer or simply not something they feel is in the best interest of their business to respond to.  Please keep your questions respectful and within reason.  All questions should be asked in the comment area of this post.  Questions will remain open until Friday, April 5th.  We will post Megan’s responses within this original post once they are available…of course we will let you all know when they are ready!  Thanks to all who participate and most importantly, thank you to Megan for taking part in this awesome feature!

With that said, we would like to introduce you to our LSI Pro Megan Wilson, based out of North Atlanta, GA.


A few words from Megan: Hi there! I’m Megan of Megan WIlson Photography!  I am a studio light newborn/baby and maternity photographer in Woodstock, Georgia…suburb of Atlanta! I’ve been photographing beautiful mamas and tiny newborns out of my in-home studio since 2011, shortly after the birth of my sweet little boy.  I did not get professional newborn photos of my son taken and it is a huge regret of mine, so I know how special each of my sessions are to my families.

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You can see more of Megan’s amazing work here:

Megan Wilson Photography

Megan Wilson Photography on Facebook

Megan’s Response:

Leitia: I am a huge fan of Megan’s work. It says that she uses studio lighting, would she expand on that? I’m brand new to studio lights and am wondering what works best because her photos look like natural light. Also what was the best investment she made and the biggest waste of money. Thanks!

Answer: Thanks Leitia!! I do use studio light. I use an alienbees 400 with a 50” softbox. I would say the best investment I made was probably my camera and lens. While its not always the equipment that makes a great photo, it does help having a quick shutter with a sharp image. For the biggest waste, I would say that would depend on where you are in your business…if just starting out, I’d say spending money on tons of props and headbands/hats is not the best use of your money, when you should invest in a better camera or lens or even a workshop to better your shooting/posing/lighting. Hope that helps! =)


Melissa: Megan, I love your work! I’m curious what, if any, workshops, online classes, etc. you’ve taken for newborn photography that have helped you get where you are today?

Answer: Thanks!! Honestly, it’s been trial and error for the most part. I did take LSI’s online workshop with Sarah a few years ago. While it was a great starting point for me, having sessions and finding what works for my own style and “playing” has taught me the most.


Olga/Chasing Moments Photography: Megan, congratulations on being the featured LSI Pro! Would love to hear about your most “memorable” newborn session experience, the one that you’ll remember for a long time down the road? Love your work!

Answer: Thanks Olga!! I’m not sure I have a most memorable session. I do have sessions that stick in my head more than others, but the most memorable would probably be one of my first paying clients. Mom and dad had tried for over 4 years to have a baby, and they finally got pregnant with their daughte. I have even had the pleasure of capturing her first year milestones, even after they moved out of state, they came back to see me. They are a beautiful family and the fact of them being one of the first newborns and their touching story have always stayed with me.


Gail: What lighting and lens do you use for newborns?

Answer: For newborns I always use my 50mm 1.4 lens with my Nikon d700. For lighting I use the alienbees 400 with a 50” softbox.


Lynn: Hi Megan…big fan of your work! I am curious how long you have been in business and when you knew you wanted to be a newborn photographer specifically. Thank you!

Answer: Thanks!! I have been in business since 2011 and I knew from the start I wanted to do newborns. I never would have thought I would have a photography career…I always enjoyed taking pictures and when I got pregnant with my son we knew we had to get a better camera so we would have great photos of our baby. And things just started from there. I didn’t get the professional newborn images of my baby and I regret it, so I know how important those photos are for families and its why I love what I do and love that I am able to give families memories of those early days. =)


Nelly Cole: Congrats, Megan! Love all of your beautiful images!

Answer: Thanks Nelly!!!