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I am so excited to finally start sharing our LSI Pro Q&A features again!  We have some of the very best in the photography community willing to open up and share more about themselves, their businesses and ready to answer YOUR questions!  I am honored to introduce all of our readers to one our very own LSI workshop instructors, Jessica Hamlin Photography!  Jessica teaches the super popular “Capturing Connections” workshop at LSI and you can find more information on her class here.

Now is your chance to get to know her a bit better, ask any questions you might have regarding her work or anything else that might interest you!  Please remember that our pros  are not required to answer ALL questions, as some may be too personal, uncomfortable to answer or simply not something they feel is in the best interest of their business to respond to.  Please keep your questions respectful and within reason.  All questions should be asked in the comment area of this post.  Questions will remain open until announced.  We will post Jessica’s responses within this original post once they are available…of course we will let you all know when they are ready!  Thanks to all who participate and most importantly, thank you to Jessica for taking part in this awesome feature!  Be sure to check out more of Jessica’s inspirational work on Facebook!  You can also check out Jessica’s gorgeous LSI Pro Photographer Profile here.

With that said, we would like to introduce you to our LSI Jessica Hamlin, based out of Seattle, WA.


A few words from Jessica:  I am Jessica Hamlin from Jessica Hamlin Photography. I am an on-location natural light photographer in the Seattle-Tacoma area, specializing in newborn, children & family portraiture.  I have been in business for 5 1/2 years.

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You can see more of Jessica’s gorgeous work here:

Jessica Hamlin Photography

Jessica Hamlin Photography on Facebook


Jessica’s Response:


What is your favorite part of a family session?

My favorite part of a family session is when I have the entire family so comfortable with me that they forget that I am even there.  Being able to capture genuine connections and interactions between mom/dad and child/ren is the absolute best!!  I am not a big fan of “posed” shots, so I make it a point to make the session fun and capture as many candids as possible.


Love your work!! Can I ask what lens you used for your outdoor images?

Thank you so much!!  I use my 85L for all outdoor sessions…rarely does that leave my hands outdoors.


Love Jess! What’s your favorite way to get those awesome natural smiles from children during a session?

Thanks Shey!!  I have found the best way to get natural smiles from children is to get there very comfortable with me…so I use a lot of humor and teasing to make it fun for them.  They usually ease up pretty quickly once humor is involved and then I can capture natural giggles and smiles.  I also like to make fun of myself a lot (pretending to trip, fall down, etc)…which is a sure way to get those smiles/laughs!


Beautiful work!! I love your post-processing. Your black and whites are especially yummy. What do you look for when you create your black and whites? I’d love to know exactly how you make them – but I respect you can’t give everything away

Thanks Lena!!  I process black/whites after all my color processing has been done.  Then I import the images into Lightroom and run a preset on them all.  I share exactly what I do for my black/white processing in my “Capturing Connections” workshop, so I will keep those secrets for those that sign up.  Hint…hint…  :)


I’m a huge fan of yours. I’m always trying to get that creamy/airy look you have on your images but I just can’t get it not matter what I try. Just curious how you achieve that in post-processing.

Thanks Andrea!!  A lot of that creamy/airy looks comes from shooting by itself…the 85L creates the most beautiful creamy bokeh.  The remainder of that is added in post processing by creating a curves layer to soften up the image.  I share exactly how I go about this in my workshop.  :)


What advise can you give me is there a simple method yo learn the technical aspects that are holding me back. I know there has to be. I am good with limited knowledge I know I can become great if I could understand better the f stop etc and know my lenses. Any help you could provide to a babbling dream chasing survivor would be greatfully appreciated.

Awesome work on chasing your dreams!  I am completely self-taught and learned best by practicing hands on. My oldest son was under a year old when I bought my first DSLR and I would take shots of him ALL the time and would change up the settings, etc to try to nail exposure.  It took LOTS of practice (a couple years worth) before I finally felt comfortable with nailing exposure.  So practice, practice, practice!!  Another good source that I found was a book called “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson.  I read this book over and over.  I wish you all the best!!


Your images are Gorgeous. I love how your subjects seem to jump out of the page. I would love to know how you get your Black and Whites so crisp and bright. And very interested what lens you use and what setting to create those smooth painting like backgrounds. Thank you so much for any information you are willing to share.

Thanks Donna!!  I probably answered both your questions in the answers above.  :)  My black/whites are created with a preset after I have color processed my images.  I go into depth with my black/white processing during my online workshop.  I solely use my 85L for outdoor sessions (creates beautiful creamy bokeh) and my 35L for indoor sessions (newborns).