LSI Pro of the Month May 2016 | Melissa DeVoe Photography

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Congratulations Melissa, you have been selected as our LSI Pro of the Month for May! We are so excited to introduce you to our readers and would love to get know you better! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your photography business.

I’m a Mom to three little boys, who keep me busy, busy, busy! Their ages are 8, 6 and 1. I’m also married to my college sweetheart, and we’ll be celebrating our 14th anniversary soon. Before entering photography, I received my MBA which has really helped me with running my own business. I specialize in newborn babies and have a home studio where I hold all of my sessions.


What or who would you consider your biggest photography inspiration and why?

My kids for sure. I would have never picked up a dslr if it hadn’t been for my wanting to capture their every milestone. I have loads and loads of pictures of them over the years! They have always been who I’ve practiced on.


I have always loved how all of your newborn sessions seem to have a set color theme to them and you manage to bring out that tone in each unique set up. Is this planned intentionally prior to your sessions with each baby or do you just manage to make magic during your session? :)

It’s very intentional, thank you for noticing! :-) I love each session to look cohesive! I sell a lot of albums to my clients, and it’s important to me that the album not look disjointed. I want the colors and setups in my albums to all flow nicely together and look pleasing. This also applies to the wall displays that I sell. I think a wall of frames, canvases, etc. should all look nicely hung together. I spend a lot of time styling each session, and I want it to be perfect and unique for each client.


Are you formally trained in photography through schooling or are you self taught? If self taught, did you take any workshops, either online or in person, that you feel really pushed your work to the next level?

I took a few photography classes at a local college when I was first starting out. But the rest has all been self taught through tons of practice and online research. I also attended a newborn posing workshop a few years ago which I think helped refine my newborn posing!



Please share with us 2 of your favorite all time images and why they are your favorite. Please include your settings.

This was hard to pick! But I think these are two of my favorites.

Favorite Image 1

The winking shot is just really one of a kind, and I absolutely adore it. (ISO 400, 35mm, f/2.8, 1/80 sec)

Favorite Image 2

The outdoor shot is one I did in the field outside of my house. I adore outdoor newborn shots, they’re often some of my favorites from a session, and I’m always excited when the weather warms up and I can add in the extra variety to my sessions! (ISO 400, 135mm, f/2.0, 1/800 sec)

I absolutely adore how you share your favorite images from your client’s session in a beautiful collage on Facebook. Since starting this sharing method, have you noticed an increase in newborn session inquiries or bookings? I would image this helps potential clients better understand the gorgeous outcome of your sessions!

Yes, I really feel this has been helpful to clients and had an impact on my bookings! I always do a huge collage share from each session on my blog, but then I choose to do a smaller collage with just my favorites for Facebook. I think it really helps show how much variety and different poses I can achieve in each session, which really sets me apart from others.


Do you use studio lighting or natural lighting in your studio? If studio, please describe your set up.

I use studio lighting and swear by it. I use a one light setup, which is a strobe with an octobox. I never use any reflectors or any other lighting. Super simple and easy!


Please tell us about your camera gear and what kind of bag you carry it all in. Which lens do you find yourself grabbing for the most?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Markiii. For newborn sessions, I shoot mostly with my Sigma 50mm Art lens, but also sometimes switch to my Canon 35mm f/1.4L lens for when I want to stay a little closer to baby. My camera bag is from Copper River Bag Company. It’s gorgeous and I love it!


We’d love to check out your beautiful studio…please share pictures!

Studio Pic 1
Studio Pic 2

And finally, we’d love to know what inspires you to stay motivated with your photography journey? Any advice you could offer to those who are struggling to keep the creative juices flowing?

One thing that’s great about my clients is they trust me to style their sessions for them. I just ask if they have favorite colors, and take it from there. I usually get to be really creative with each session and try something new and different each time. I’ve collected tons of props over the years, but I re-use everything a whole bunch, and never do the same setup twice. I just try to be creative with how I use them and make them look different each time. I’m constantly trying to learn and grow, and try something new each session. That really keeps me going and feeling fulfilled!


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