Welcome to the new Learn Shoot Inspire!

While we have released this new platform to the public, we are still working around the clock at coding all of our template designs, working out bugs, and adding features. Because of this… PLEASE CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE REGULARLY so that you can see our fixes and new designs added. One primary issue we are working out is where to send our visitors after different forms of registration and teach them how to use the site. So until we figure that out… we’ve created this helpful guide that we will be updating as we hear feedback.

As soon as you register your account you’ll want to head over to the groups page and select all of your current interests. Then you can visit the activity feed and select your username from the right hand widget at the top of the page where you can view your profile. Once there, you’ll want to edit your profile and add a cover image and avatar. The cover image size is 1280×302. Once completed then head back to the activity feed and say hello or share some images! Just be sure to select the appropriate groups for the image types and keep in mind… images posted in those locations might get featured with our massive social audience! If you have any questions about how something works then feel free to post in the chat area of the activity stream or email us at info@learnshootinspire.com. Please be patient waiting for content as the new website get’s populated 🙂

Premium Members

Don’t have a Premium Membership yet? No problem… get one here.

If you signed up for Premium Membership then you’ll want to get your profile setup above and then head over to setup your new stunning business listing. To do that please visit this page and selecting the option to add a photographer listing.  When adding your listing be sure to select the “premium membership” dot at the top of that form so that it’s colored before submitting or it won’t work. Please also remember to command/click your different styles. We will be adding simple checkboxes and styling this form shortly so thank you for bearing with us on it. 

You can view or edit your listing by visiting this page.

Your listings “latest images” gallery is composed of all your recent images that have been posted to all the different “public” photography groups. This way your images are always very current! So to submit images please join all the groups matching to your interest here and then submit new posts via your activity feed with those groups selected. You can upload more then one image on each post if you like. All images posted to these feeds are subject to being additionally featured on our website or social media accounts. What a great way to gain more exposure!

To purchase additional listings ($5 each/monthly) for other locations or workshops then please click here.  Premium Membership is required to purchase additional listings.

You’ve also been granted access to posting Stories and Articles! Please, don’t overthink them. Especially not the stories… feel free to give a little self interview or interview another photographer. Post a nice client experience (that is ok to be publicly viewable) or anything you feel might fit under the “story” category. Just please be sure to leave out any political, religious, or controversial content. For articles, post small tutorials or seo information. Anything that you feel might benefit other photographers in their learning experience. Remember, this is a self generating platform but we will be sharing content with our massive audience giving you the opportunity to broaden your brand!

To post a story or an article then please visit your regular profile and there you will see a link to add a Story or Article. At the time, images can only be uploaded as an album to the post and not inserted between the text unless you host your images elsewhere and insert them. Images will be displayed at the bottom of the post. Please be sure images are at least 1280px wide (if images are uploaded) so that when we select a cover image for your post it will crop ok.

That’s it for now… I hope you really enjoy the new platform!