A note about coupons and promos… Learn Shoot Inspire will no longer offer discounts on paid memberships. If you are searching for promo codes then you will not find any valid ones. This ensures our ability to continue building our members a great product and our members can rest assured that they are always paying the cheapest price.

We’ve made free basic accounts available and lowered the cost of premium accounts to ensure that we are offering an affordable deal that won’t take advantage of our members.

Our memberships with listings total $108/year at $9/month. If you have a professional business then we can pretty much guarantee that you will gain at least one client during that time if you keep your listing updated which more then pays for your membership. That client will likely refer you to their friends or post your work on their social media account which will add even more value to you. This will be cheaper then donating a % of your session fees like other sites (not that we are against them doing that… that’s fine too!).

Recently I’ve encountered talk calling websites that sell listings as “greedy”. Since the owner of this site is not a “photographer” we have to charge. We are a business and need funds to continue operating that business. It’s that simple. Just the same as photographers aren’t “greedy” for charging their clients more then $50 for their hard work so please put that thought to rest.