Client What to Wear with Be True Image Design

When a client books a session with us, our goal is to give them the best experience possible. Because of that, it’s important for us to guide them through any potentially stressful decisions that may come with their session, including what they’re going to wear.

Client What To Wear Guide

We strongly encourage each of our moms to choose neutral tones and colors for several different reasons. First of all, a key part of our images is connection and emotion- especially between a mother and her child- and when clothing is the first thing you notice in a photograph, that beauty is lost. Bright colors and super-coordinated outfits can often steal the show, when we want to keep the focus on their family and the love that’s between them.

Secondly, this simplifies the process for them, since neutrals coordinate together without a lot of thought. We give them a range of colors to get started with, and direct them to our Pinterest boards ( and favorite stores (including babyGAP, Zara, and H&M) for more inspiration and ideas. We encourage clients to add layers and textures through cardigans, wraps, scarves, etc. help to add interest and depth to images and remind them that wearing jewelry can add an extra special touch to their photos.

One of the most helpful steps we take is inviting all of our moms to come look through our studio wardrobe. We’ve curated a collection of beautiful clothing for babies, children, and mothers. It’s often overwhelming to think about buying outfits for the whole family, and giving them pieces to begin with simplifies the process. They’re welcome to borrow any pieces they love for their session, and often come away excited at the prospect of wearing something special and different!

Not only does wardrobe styling make things easier for our clients, it allows us to keep a consistent feel to our photos and ensures that each family ends up with a collection of images they love.



HUGE thank you to Christy for sharing such valuable information on how to style your clients for the optimal outcome at your photography session. Stay tuned for more amazing features from Christy at Be True Image Design!

Photographer: Christy Johnson (Be True Image Design)

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