Behind the Scenes with Baby as Art

We’re so excited to be able to present to you this rare ‘behind the scenes’ look at a Baby as Art session. For those of you who may not be familiar yet… Baby as Art consists of two of the most renowned newborn photographers on the planet, Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall. The two of them were originally photographers from different states in the US and met in an online photo sharing website. Two years after Brittany flew to San Diego to take pictures of Carries newborn, she emailed Carrie to tell her that she planned on moving out to California to work with her. It didn’t take long before they noticed their creativity explode when working as a team and together they created ‘Baby as Art’. Since then, they have become labeled by the photography industry as “The Trend Setters of Newborn Photography”. They have been featured in “The New York Times”, “Professional Photographers Magazine”, additional publications, and are known for working with celebrities such as Pink! This is truly an awesome opportunity and we hope you enjoy this post.

Brittany Woodall & Carrie Sandoval - Baby as Art - Behind the Scenes

At the start of your sessions, do you typically ask the parents what their favorite images of yours are and base the poses off that or do you customize the session towards you own artistic visions for each newborn session?

Before the session takes place our clients fill out an online form we have developed through mach form. The form asked, among several things, what their favorite images are of ours and if they have any specific pose or set up requests. We look over their form before the session begins, so we have a good idea of what they are looking for. Of course, we have all of our past announcements stacked in the studio and many parents will thumb through them and see a pose they like that they hadn’t seen before and we always try to accommodate their requests…. as long as the baby is up for it! Some parents let us have free creative reign though and those sessions always are our favorites. Every baby is so inspiring to us, so it’s awesome when we get to just let the creativity flow wherever it might go.

I like the ‘pink noise’ image here which is a common relaxing sound. Are either of you more known as a baby whisperer or pretty even? I’d imagine you both have an extreme amount of practice!


Haha…. the pink noise is really essential to keeping the baby asleep. When we get “in the mode” the studio becomes very quiet. If we didn’t have the noise constantly going the shutter would abruptly disrupt that dead silence. If you have been around newborns then you will know that newborns are easily startled- especially when it comes to loud noises! The noise helps mask the shutter sound and will prevent a newborn startling out of a pose! We have both been called “baby whisperers” before. I think it’s because we have had so much experience handling newborns! We literally photograph over a hundred babies a year- easily!

Carrie Sandoval - Baby as Art - Behind the Scenes

Let’s talk a bit about props that we are seeing in these images. Do your clients choose the props from your selection or do you girls typically take the lead on that? We watch your posts on Facebook and it always seems like you’ve got more and more prop vendors mentioning they have sent you products. We’ve also noticed that Brittany has mentioned her own little prop shopping days. Do you girls have a giant stash of props hidden away somewhere? Is one of you more of a prop addict then the other?

I think I am the huge prop addict…. I think if Carrie had the time to dedicate to prop scouring she would be even with me probably! We have props… EVERYWHERE! When they aren’t being used in the studio they also serve as decorations for our homes, which is always a nice bonus! We try to rotate the props out, so that we don’t get sick of one prop in particular. If it sits in our studio, odds are the clients will request it. Like I said earlier, our clients typically submit their requests prior to the session, but many times they will see a prop in our studio that catches their eye and we will definitely try and use it! The only time we really are set on using one prop in particular during a session is when it’s a new prop we just got in!

Brittany Woodall - Baby as Art - Behind the Scenes

It appears to be a back yard in these images with a perfect tree for the outdoor shots. Any other details back there we should know about?

Carrie has a GREAT big back yard! The only down-side is that in the summer, when it’s warmest, it tends to be ugly because Southern California will go for months without rain! The tree provides great shade, but with full sun the light is still a bit modeled. We lucked out, because just as we decided to go outside a little cloud decided to park it right in front of the sun. I believe you can see that cloud in one of the pulled back images. It wasn’t the best lighting scenario, but we made the most of what we had to work with!

What a beautiful family and adorable newborn! I’m sure they were really excited when they see these finished images! It appears they were quite a sport about participating in this and we appreciate it!


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Thank you so much for your efforts in taking these images for us in this rare ‘behind the scenes’ post. We appreciate your work so much and can’t wait for upcoming collaboration features with Baby as Art and LSI! Aspiring photographers looking to learn from these masters of the craft should keep a close watch on our “Inspiring Workshops” page and  following them on Facebook where you can keep up with all of their future announcements as well.