Background Blending Tutorial with Alaska Photography & Design

As studio newborn photographers, we often face the struggle of blending or fading our backgrounds during post processing.  Over at the LSI forum, we have received numerous questions asking exactly how this seemingly tedious task is done.  Thankfully, one of our talented LSI Pros was kind enough to provide our readers with a step by step background blending tutorial done with ease in photoshop.

Please welcome and thank Britany Denoncour of Alaska Photography & Design for her contribution. Alaska Photography & Design is a photography studio based in Palmer, AK specializing in newborn, maternity and baby photography. Britany Denoncour is one of Alaska’s best newborn photographers and is committed to providing clients with gorgeous photographs that will be cherished for generations to come.

britany portrait

How to Blend Background Seam

1.) Create a new layer. While in the new layer, select the eyedropper and sample the color of the background of the original image.

2.) Select the Brush tool and in your new layer paint over the background seam and anything you don’t want in your final image

3.) Using the quick selection tool select the subject. Click ‘Refine Edge’ and change settings to feather and shift edge into the subject. Click OK and click delete or use the eraser tool to take the painted layer off the subject.


4.) Deselect and use the eraser tool to touch up the painted layer. Merge the layers and save.




5) Final image complete…



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